Minimalistic Acrylic Wallet.




Introduction: Minimalistic Acrylic Wallet.

How to make a minimalistic acrylic wallet at Techshop Chandler.

-1/8" acrylic 
-Size #33 rubber bands

-Kyrlon Fusion spray paint
-Painters tape

Step 1: Design Your Wallet.

Start by measuring out a credit card (or whatever you want to go inside your wallet). A typical credit card size is 3 3/8" x 2 1/8". 

I added 3/4" to the length and height to accommodate for dollar bills on the back and for cards to have some wiggle room without falling out. 

Add holes on either side for fitment of #33 rubberbands. 

I provided an Adobe Illustrator PDF, feel free to alter it to your liking.

I set my cut line to be .001 pt stroke and 255R 0G 0B color. The etching is filled 0R 0G 0B black.

Step 2: Laser Cut Your Wallet.

Techshop Chandler uses universal lasers. 

1. Insert material into laser cutter.
2. Open file
3. Make sure all cutting lines are set to .001 pt and 255R 0G 0B and etching filled to 0R 0G 0B. 
4. Go to file print.
5. Click Setup.
6. Select preferences. 
7. Choose extruded acrylic under the materials list (plastics>acrylic>extruded)
8. Measure your acrylic thickness and insert it into the designated field. (I use 2.65mm for 1/8" acrylic)
9. Adjust etching to +10.
10. Click apply then ok. 
11. Click print until no windows appear. 
12. Open the universal print dialog software. 
13. After insuring your X,Y is set properly so that you part will fit on you piece of acrylic select the big green PLAY button. 
14. Make sure the air assist is on and the lid is closed.
15. Wait until the laser is finished with the job and remove parts.
16 Leave masking on acrylic if you plan on painting it.

Step 3: Paint Your Wallet. (Optional)

Paint your part using Krylon Fusion spray paint. It bonds to the acrylic unlike standard spray paint. 

Use painters tape to attach your part to a piece of card board. 

Spray part in a well ventilated area or spray booth. 

Remover adhesive packing to acrylic 30 min after painting. 

Allow several hours or overnight, for the paint to cure before assembling. 

Step 4: Assemble Your Wallet.

After allowing the paint to dry assemble your wallet. 

Rubberbands can be attached in multiple ways to change the Tension of the wallets closure.

I put the cards on the inside and allow the rubber band to hold cash on the outside. I.D's can be placed as the outermost card for convenient viewing. 

Enjoy your new wallet!

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