Minimalistic Tripod for a Bird House

Introduction: Minimalistic Tripod for a Bird House

For several years I had a bird house lying around. It was just missing a suitable tripod.
Everything was here:
  • three wood laths (in my example: 1,60 m x 5 cm x 2 cm)
  • a piece of wood in the center
  • three screws to mount the laths to the center piece (here: 5 x 40 mm)
  • some rope
  • three 6 mm pegs
After two hours I had a nice stand for the bird house...

Step 1: The Center Piece

The idea is: Fix three laths to a triangular centerpiece using a single screw so that you can swivel the lath with some force.
  • My laths are 1,60 m x 5 cm x 2 cm.
  • The screws are 5 x 40 mm spax.
  • Make the centerpiece somewhat larger than the lath are wide and thick enough to easily hold the screws. (In this example: lath is 5 cm wide, the central triangle has an edge length of 5.6 cm.)

Step 2: End Stop

To have a good stand for whatever is going to be placed on this tripod and to prevent it doing the splits we need an end stop.
I found some rope in my spare parts box and drilled four holes, some 30 cm below the centralpiece, just fitting the rope (here: 6 mm). Simple knots at the ends give sufficient stability.

Step 3: Provide Some Stability for the Load Using Pegs

With the rope in place you can put the load on top of the tripod.
Check where it contacts the laths. As the bird house does not really lie steadily on the laths I applied 3 additional pegs (6 mm).

Step 4: Mount the Bird House

Nothing much to mount here: Just put the bird house (or whatever your tripod should carry) on top and leave the rest to gravity.

Winter may come for the birds in our garden!

Step 5: Storage Is Easy and Space-saving

And when you don't need your tripod: Turn the three laths to be parallel and the whole thing can be stored with a minimum of space requirements.

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