Minion Bananas!

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Intro: Minion Bananas!

Make dessert somewhat healthier and fun! Introducing; Minion-nanas a (somewhat) healthier alternative to regular desserts!

These are super easy to make and great fun as most of this recipe is simply decoration! So feel free to go wild with your own designs too!

The video linked has the instructions but below are some extra alternatives to this recipe just for Instructables readers!

  • To make this dessert even healthier use yogurt instead of chocolate, yellow yogurt could be used instead of food coloring!
  • Make posh nanas using yogurt and edible glitter!

  • Freezing the bananas overnight before eating them will give them an almost ice-cream like texture!

  • Decorate your bananas with a mix of seeds and nuts instead of icing :D

Hope you enjoy!



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