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This is a super cute minion charm that I invented just earlier today. My siblings love Despicable Me 2, and so do I. I was inspired to make this after I saw some minion pictures. I also made a purple minion, which I will be making a tutorial on soon. So the level for this charm is definitely easy. There is nothing complicated or crazy about it, so anyone with the right materials can make it! So now let's get started=)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this charm, you will need...
•yellow bands, black bands, blue bands, and white bands
•loom pick or crochet needle
•any loom

Step 2: The Arms

First we'll do the arm. Minions have yellow arms and cute little black gloves. To make the arm, wrap a single black band around your loom pick or crochet needle four (4) times. Then slide that band onto double black bands and put it on your hook. Then slide those bands onto double yellow bands, putting the bands back on your hook. Finally, take two more yellow bands and slide the bands onto the yellow bands. Repeat this process once more, creating two (2) arms. If you are not one to read steps, look at the pictures for more clarification.

Step 3: The Holding Band

Now we're going to place the holding band, a single yellow band that we will use in the end to tie off our creation. A holding band needs to be sturdy but stretchy. If you are not confident in your band's strength, use can use double yellow bands to ensure the safety of your minion.

Step 4: Start the Head

We will be using double bands this entire tutorial unless specified. In other words, only use double bands unless I say to use single bands. So, take double yellow bands and place them from the center peg to the left peg diagonally. Then use double yellow bands again and go to the other side. Take a look at the pictures for clarification.

Step 5: Go Down

Go down, still using double yellow bands, twice on the left and right side. In the center, go down once using double yellow bands.

Step 6: The Minion's Goggles

Now we will make the minion's goggles. If you have gray or silver bands, use those instead of the black bands shown. If not, use double black bands to go down once in the center and once on the left and right sides.

Step 7: The Minion's Eye

This part is completely optional. Wrap a black band around your hook four (4) times. Then slide it onto double white bands. If you don't like the way it looks, don't add the black band.

Step 8: Onto the Loom

Then place the bands onto the center peg of your loom, as shown in the picture.

Step 9: The Bottom of the Goggle

Now place double black bands in the center as shown. Now your minion has goggles, or a goggle.

Step 10: The Rest of the Head

To finish off the head, place double yellow bands down on all three sections, as shown.

Step 11: The Sides

Go down five (5) times using double blue bands on the left and right sides.

Step 12: The Gru Label

If you have ever seen one of Gru's minions, you should know that they have a little black circle on their uniform with the letter G on it. Sadly, I cannot make a G that tiny, so a black circle will have to do. Wrap a single black band around your hook four (4) times. Then slide it onto double blue bands. Put it on your loom as shown.

Step 13: One Down

Then place double blue bands in the center as shown, finishing the minion's uniform.

Step 14: Bottom Triangle

For the bottom of the uniform, place a single blue triangle band on the pegs shown. Then bring the bottom of it around the center peg, also shown in the picture.

Step 15: The Rest of Them

Place two more single blue triangle bands on the minion's uniform.

Step 16: Add the Arms

Now transfer the arms from your pencil to your loom, as shown in the picture.

Step 17: More Triangle Bands

Follow the picture by placing the rest of the triangle bands, all single.

Step 18: His Shoes

Gru's minions also have little black shoes. To make them, wrap a single black band around the pegs on the left and right three (3) times.

Step 19: Let the Looming Begin!

To begin looming, go into the black cap bands and grab only the bottom two (2) blue bands that will go forward.

Step 20: Side, Center, Side

Loom the center and the sides as normal. When you come to the arms, make sure that you go inside all of the bands and grab the bottom two (2) bands. Be careful not to grab the wrong bands. If you don't, your whole creation could fall apart. As long as you grab at least one of the right bands, it'll be fine=)

Step 21: Holding Band

Now it's time to loom your holding band. Grab it and bring it forward. There will be two (2) layers. Bring the bottom layer over the top layer and tug on it. You've created a slip knot!

Step 22: Take It Off

Now take your minion off of your loom. It will probably look a little bit messed up, but pull and tug and, voila, all better=)

Step 23: Removing the Eye

If you don't like the way the eye looks, you can rip it off and throw it away. I'm only talking about the black part that was optional earlier on the white part. Then your minion will still look normal.

Step 24: Cute Little Charm for You!

Now you're done with your minion! Thank you so so so much for viewing, and I promise that I will post a purple minion tutorial soon! Enjoy=)

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