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Introduction: Minion Goggles

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Minions are the new favorite characters, they are funny and crazy.

My son speaks minion sometimes.....

In this instructable I will share how to make minion goggles with things you can find at home. recycle it

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Two old jar
- cardboard or corrugated box
- black ribbon
- GI hard wire
- foam sheet

- Cutter
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Scale
- Silver or chrome spray paint

Step 2: Goggles Part 1

Use corrugated bad pieces and cut it to fit the inner circumference of the metal jar cap.

I used paint bottle to bend/ fold it in circular shape.

Cut the cardboard to fit the curves on your face. We need to cut deeper for forehead.

Step 3: Goggles Part 2

Use little plaster of Paris to cover the edges

I used silver spray paint to cover the lids and eye covers

Before using spray paint, make sure to cover walls with paper

Let the paint dry for 20 minutes.

Cut 5mm strips of black foam sheet and cover the edge of the eye covers using super glue or quick dry glue.

Use hard metal wire to make loops for black ribbon

Step 4: Final Assembly

Cut pieces from yellow foam fix all

To joined the two sides I used hard metal wire and some washers.

Update: I drilled a 2mm hope on the jar lids and secured then using hard metallic wire.

Also added shiny white paper to give better look

Step 5: Show Off

Good results for 3 hrs of efforts amazing photos for Facebook :)

Some improvements
- side covers could be smaller
- need and nut bolt for holding two sides together

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