Minion Lair Themed Fort

Learn how to make this easy minion lair themed fort which is perfect for watching Despicable Me in!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 2: Create "metal Plating"

Create the illusion of metal plating with just a pale blue or gray blanket and painter's tape!

  1. Lay sheet on a smooth surface
  2. Create rectangles and other polygons using painter's tape

Step 3: Add the Bolts to Keep the Plates Together

Stick small pieces of tape around the perimeter of each shape to represent the bolts

Step 4: Make "gas Meters" With Construction Paper!

Fold paper in half

Step 5: Cut Along the Crease

Step 6: Add an Arrow

Step 7: Cover a Box With Pillow Case

Step 8: Tape Gas Meter Drawings to Pillow Case

Step 9: Arrange 3 Chairs and Drape Your Sheet Over Them

Step 10: Place Your Gas Meter in the Fort

Step 11: For a Finishing Touch, Add Gru's Logo

Step 12: Enjoy and Have Fun Watching Despicable Me!



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