Minion Money Bank - Make the Way You Like

Introduction: Minion Money Bank - Make the Way You Like

I'm a cool Techie girl.

Hello guys!'s DIY is a Minion Money Bank, who doesn't like DIY minion crafts, that's why I bring you an adorable minion money bank.

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Mobile box.
  2. Color sheets.
  3. Glue.
  4. Black sketch/Black Marker.
  5. Scissors.

Step 2: Make the Body

  • Take a yellow color paper and according to the size of the box.
  • Cover the box by pasting the yellow paper over it.

Step 3: Minion Spectacle

  • Cut out a black paper strip to make the Minion's Spectacles.
  • Paste Black and white circle cutouts to show his eyes.

Step 4: Don't Forget the Smile

  • Add a smile to the Minion's face

Step 5: # Front Dress Up

  • Take a small piece of blue paper, I have taken a length of 6cm for my box.
  • Curve the top ends.
  • Next, let's make the suspenders, using blue color paper make two thin strips of 1cm.
  • Stick the dress and sketch the button and pocket as shown in the picture.

yeah..!! Our minion is done.

Step 6: #Back Dress Up

  • This step shows the backside view of the minion's dress.

Step 7: Make Some Space

  • Make some space to credit the money.
  • To complete our money bank, take a small piece of black color paper and make a small opening for the coin to enter.
  • Stick this, at the opening of our minion box.

yeah..!Minion Money Bank is Done.



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