Minion Thermos Bottle Bag

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My son and I love the minions!

I need a bag to carry my thermos bottle because I can't put it inside my bag. So I thought, why not make a sling bag for the thermos which me or my son can wear. With a son who is soo adorable... I need my hands to be free and ready to grab.

Tried to search the internet to get the exact idea/color of the minion.

This is similar with the other crochet project I made before... a minion slippers.



Yellow, black, white and blue (almost jeans color)

Crochet hook size 8/0

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Step 1: Base, Body, Uni-eye and Body Strap.

Just try to make a flatbase using the blue yarn and once it covered the whole base of the thermos, I maintained the number of simple stitch at a certain height for the pants effect and change the blue yarn to yellow yarn and work its way up before reaching the lid cover. Finished.

Make an EYE.

Make a flat circle base White yarn Big enough for the body of the thermos. Edge your eye with a black yarn.

Make a black STRAP for the EYE. Measure the circumference of the thermos body.

Sew the EYE STRAP in position.

Body Strap:

Just make a strap to the desired lenght. Just remember... this is yarn... it stretches depends on the weight of the item.

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