Ministry of Magic ID

Introduction: Ministry of Magic ID

Another Ministry of Magic themed Harry Potter DIY - a Ministry of aMagic ID! This one is super easy and looks great!



Warner Bros trademarks have been removed from these templates, however I have included editable templates for you as well as a tutorial on how to customize them.

Download the Templates

Watch the Tutorial

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Printing and Cutting

Print the ID double-sided on regular paper and the ID cover on card stock, also double-sided. Now use your ruler and X-Acto knife to trim off all the white from around the templates.

Step 3: Folding and Stapling

Fold the ID cover in half, then fold the ID into thirds as shown in the photos and video. Next you'll want to put a single staple in the center of where the cover folds in order to hold the ID inside the cover.

Close the ID and use your corner rounder to round all the corners.

Step 4: Applying the Gold Leaf

Use your adhesive pen to color in the Ministry of Magic M on the ID. Then simply apply your gold leaf to it, let it sit for a minute, and then brush away the excess gold leaf with a soft dry brush.

TIP: Use a piece of scrap paper to make sure you don't color off of the M.

Step 5: You're Finished!

That's it! You're all done!

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below! Thanks for viewing!

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11 Discussions

First of all congratulate you for your great work, you have a lot of talent. I've been following your channel for months and I've been fond of printables (sorry for my bad English), decided to buy a printer and I would like you to advise me which is better to make printables, laser or tonner? I have never had a printer and I would appreciate your advice

It is heartbreaking that the printable files have been removed. You did such a fantastic job creating these, we adore the ones we got.

Thanks for your hard work, and know that they were appreciated.

how can we get some of your prints like weasley's and other things u said that warner put them off but can u send it or no cause i really i want to print a lots of things and i live in place where i can't buy them so can you help me ? if it's okay can you send it to me ? thenx ^^


Question 3 months ago

Hello this is really cool. I love your works! Would you mail me the templates?


4 months ago

awesome project

but i agree with schnidens i also woud like layers to show the stamp and add my own prints

Hi Danny, I downloaded the free templates and was wondering whether you could provide templates without any finger prints on it? It would be cool to get actual fingerprints of the ID holder. Also, I noticed that if you put a photo in the box, the stamp is partially covered. Anyways, great work!

First, Thank you for all the amazing HP items that you've created & shared with us. Now here's the ?? Is it perhaps possible to do an advertisment/care guide for Pygmy Puffs (either Weasley or Fantastic Beasts style)??

While making some yarn pom-pom rabbits, I suddenly found myself surrounded by Pygmy Puffs (of which my daughter 'adopted' 2) & no clue how to 'care' for them proper.

Thank you ever so much.

Robbin aka Lost Betwixt Worlds