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Introduction: Minnie Mouse High Heel Shoes

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Hi guys, today I'll be showing you how to make these adorable customised Minnie Mouse high heel shoes! These are actually a recreation of one of the Minnie Mouse shoe Christmas ornaments from Disney so if you want me to do any other characters as tutorials let me know! There is a video above if you're a more visual learner but here are the full written instructions for you!

For this project you will need:

  • Red high heels
  • Masking tape/ newspaper
  • Wood glue
  • Cue tips
  • Craft foam
  • Card (for template)
  • Nail polish remover (with acetone)
  • Lighter
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Clear glue
  • Lace ribbon
  • Stick on gems
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • White fabric paint
  • White or clear glitter

It sounds like a lot but there's just five easy steps to follow along with!

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Step 1: Painting the Heels!

First and foremost I used masking tape to cover the parts of the heel I didn't want yellow before wrapping it in newspaper to spray, you can use any other type of paint you'd like but I used spray paint because I wanted a really nice shine to it.

Now, if you're really messy when you work like me and you get spray paint on parts of the shoe you don't want it you can always use nail polish remover to wipe any additional spray paint off, just make sure the nail polish remover contains acetone!

I then painted the bottom of the shoe black, if the bottom of your shoes are already black then just ignore this step! Again, you can use masking tape if you want clean lines but I like painting freehand sometimes and because she shoes are shiny you can just wipe off any unwanted paint.

Step 2: Getting the Perfect Spots

For this next step I made a small template by tracing a small round object onto some card and cutting it out with a craft knife, this left me a round circle template that I could stencil through to make the spots. I dabbed white fabric paint through the stencil before sprinkling on glitter and gently tapping it down.

I didn't use acrylic paint because when you put the shoe on it would have cracked so fabric paint is the way to go!

To make them extra neat once I pulled away the stencil I went around the outside with a cue tip to clean up the circles. Keep the stencil handy for Step 4!

Step 3: Lace and Sparkle

For this step I used some very cute lace ribbon which I found super cheap on ebay here, it's called Snow White too which is rather fitting. I used some strong clear glue which I spread thinner with my finger before slowly gluing the lace around the edge of the shoe all the way around.

Once that was dry I used some tiny stick on gems and using the same strong glue and some tweezers for precision I stuck them on the lace following the pattern all the way around.

Step 4: Not Complete Without a Bow!

Minnie Mouse would be nothing without her signature bow. I used 50mm red satin ribbon and used the previous stencil from step 2 to make the same glittery spots along it with fabric paint. Once dry I flipped it over and folded the two ends to meet in the middle and I glued them down.

At this point I cut an extra piece of 50mm ribbon in half and CAREFULLY (only do this is you are an adult) ran a lighter along the edges, this stops cut ribbon from fraying. I then pinched the spotted ribbon and wrapped this piece around the middle, gluing it in place before sticking it on the front of the shoe.

Step 5: Ear We Go

Final step is to make the ears! This is an optional step but if you really want the full Minnie Mouse look then this is pretty paramount. I took some craft foam and used something round to make four identical circles. I then took a small curve out of the bottom of each one so that they could stick easily to the curve of the shoe itself.

I used a copious amount of wood glue to coat each side, this seals the foam and also makes it a bit stronger.

Once they were fully dry I painted them black and once that was dry I glued them onto the back of the shoes making sure they were even.

Then you're finished! I used a cue tip and some erratic blowing to get rid of the excess glitter as I tend to work a bit messy but I am very happy with the finished product! (more photos on the next step~)

Step 6: Finished!

These are the finished product and I absolutely love them. They would be perfect for any party or even as wedding shoes!

If you want to see any other Disney character shoe recreations then please leave a comment with your suggestions! Please share and if you make these yourself or make your own custom shoes I would love to see them!

If you're a fan of the video then please feel free to subscribe to my channel Show+Tell and if you'd like to see my work in progress for these kinds of projects then please follow my Facebook page!

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