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Nothing says yum like a good ol' milk shake! And nothing says fresh like an Andes chocolate mint! But what if we mix these together? An amazing flavor and texture of a truly scrumptious beverage. No fries necessary with this shake!

The faster we get started the faster we can enjoy a mint chocolate milk shake!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this recipe, you will need:

Blender or Immersion blender

Andes mint candy (I used about 7 pieces, but this can be altered to suit individual tastes. Set aside some chopped mints for garnishing)

1 cup of milk

2 cups of vanilla ice cream


Whip Creme

Peppermint Extract (for a stronger minty flavor)

this quantity will yield about 2 large cups of milk shake

Step 2: Chop Mints

Depending on how many cups of milk shake you make, cut enough to garnish the tops of the cups.

Step 3: Throw It All in & Blend

Pour milk, ice cream, mint candies and peppermint extract (if using) into a blender. Blend until the mint candy turns into tiny chocolate specs.

Step 4: Garninshing

Pour Shake into serving cups, and top with whip creme and chopped mint candy.

Best if enjoyed immediately, as the candy will eventually separate from the cremes.




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    2 years ago

    butter milk spice here


    3 years ago

    mmmmmm... looks delicious!!! gonna have to make these