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Introduction: Mint Milk

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Ready for a change to the standard palette of flavored milks (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, etc.)?

Here's how to Do It Yourself!

(DIY can be applied to making grape milk, peanut butter milk, lemon milk - almost any flavor of milk!)

See also, how to make Banana Milk, which is similar and delicious.

Step 1: Assemble Tools & Ingredients

  • Bowl
  • Wire Wisk or Mixer or Blender
  • Glasses

  • Milk
  • Flavored Jelly or Jam

Step 2: Mix

Put the flavoring in the jar or bowl.

Pour in the milk.


Step 3: Enjoy.

Mmm. Got a mint mustache?



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    30 Discussions

    Wonderfully simple. I like it!

    It's really only around during Christmas time. Not gonna lie, it kinda sucks except on cookies.

    I tried it with strawberry jam and it was very good! Good job!

    we all speak English, but we spell things differently, (ie. mum-mom, etc.) we call the same things by different names, (jelly-jello, jam-jelly) it's quiet annoying.

    brilliant! I love mint but not so much milk. could u try this wwith heavy cream!!!!!!??