Mint Tin With Smooth Top



Introduction: Mint Tin With Smooth Top

There are plenty of great mint tin projects out there. It seems maybe redundant to post another but the point here is not the actually completed work but the cheap, easy way I got there. The issue with the tin is the embossed top. How do I get rid of the embossing to put what I want on the tin? And secondly, is there a cheap, easy effective way way to do it. I think so.

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Step 1: 2 Part Epoxy

I found this 2-part epoxy at the local store. I paid about $2 US for the epoxy. I followed the mixing directions (equal parts and gently mix together).

Step 2: Cover the Top

I covered the top with the epoxy. I tried to make it as smooth as possible When the epoxy dried I sanded and applied another coat. I did this a total of 3 times. Once the epoxy is set it can be wet sanded (that is, use water and sand paper) to create a super smooth finish. It was my intent to cover the lid so I was content with a less than perfectly smooth top.

Step 3: Trace Pattern

After a few tries I was able to print off a picture that was the correct size for my top. I traced the back side of the picture with pencil.

Step 4: Trim

I printed two pictures so that I could cut away a strip to use as trim around the top.

Step 5: Paste the Pic

I used white "school glue" to paste my pic to the lid. Then I covered the picture with one coat of the school glue. For a water proof, durable finish I added three coats of "rubber vanish" to the lid. It also gave it a nice aged look. The varnish only costs about $1.50 US and can be used for many projects. At the least I hope this will be helpful to people who have tight budgets or limited access to craft materials.

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