Mirror Mirror and the Fairest of Them All




Introduction: Mirror Mirror and the Fairest of Them All

So halloween is just round the corner….I don't really like dressing up as a skeleton or a zombie. Something *cute* is much more fun if you ask me! And who wouldn't want to be a Disney Princess for a day?! This is my Snow White costume how to. Enjoy!

Step 1: Pattern - I'm Wishing….

OK, so Disney specially make dress patterns for their Princesses. These are often limited editions, sold by one of "the big four" pattern companies. The one I used was from Simplicity, pattern 2813. If the limited edition patterns are not available, there are often 'spin off' prices costume patterns available, which are VERY similar.

Step 2: Order Fabric - Some Day My Prints Will Come?

I was very keen to get the Snow White colours as close to the famous movie dress as possible. A lot of the costumes you can buy are actually very inaccurate in colour and detail. For example some have red sleeves! Colours picked are often far more garish than the original. I managed to find a Dark royal blue (not navy) velvet which an art student sold to me, and some "primrose" satin for the skirt. The red fabric is duchess satin in a deep red.

Step 3: Whistle While You Work...

Obviously, using a commercial pattern has the benefits of following instructions. But I just wanted to say with this dress you end up using more techniques than I first thought.

The characteristics of this dress which make it unmistakably Snow White made me try techniques I had not done (successfully) before.The red drops on the sleeves are appliqué, and using a silk stitch on the machine. The sleeves themselves are also a puff ball which go in to a cuff, which I had never done before!! I also ended up making my own yellow piping for the front seam, as no yellows would match the "primrose" colour. This wasn't too difficult, but again another first for me!

Also the white stand up collar is a feat of engineering in itself. It uses two pieces which when sewn together (and using VERY heavy interfacing) create a semi circle 3D shape.

So I guess my point is, even though its fancy dress and maybe for just one night, costumes require more effort than some other sewing. For the full effect, none of this should be rushed.

Step 4: Finishing Touches - With a Smile and a Song

The last things to really set off the outfit were the headband, cape and of course THE HAIR!

The cape is made from the same blue velvet as the bodice, with the red satin lining it. This is detachable as part of the design.

The headband is also made of the red satin, wrapped round the band and a large decorative bow added.

Now for the hair, I followed this brilliant tutorial on youtube. Snow White hair for everyone no matter how long your hair is - fab!

Step 5: Happily Ever After….

So I wore this costume to my friend's 30th birthday party, which was a "Disney themed Ball". Now naturally there had to be a costume competition. As I was going as now white, my husband Jake went as "The Mirror" from the movie.

To do this, we got a plastic moulded mirror, and removed the glass. We replaced the mirror with black fabric with a face hole. We then made a system so that Jake could strap the mirror to his shoulders. Jake then created a very accurate mask in photoshop based on the mirror's face from the film. Put it all together - and voila! It's worth saying we won first prize in the costume competition in the "couples" category :-)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I think I recognize the man in the mirror... Why is there no ible for that? The mirror surface could have been a full shiny sheer stocking fabric and then he could have lit up the face to appear like in an infinity mirror.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work! And congrats on winning the couples category!

    Both the Snow White and Mirror costumes look great.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Ill be wearing mine tomorrow at Derby Maker Faire (http://makerfairederby.com) ;-)