Mirror Work Handcrafted Designer Blouse DIY




Introduction: Mirror Work Handcrafted Designer Blouse DIY

Easy tutorial on how to create a mirror work designer blouse at home? It is not always necessary to spend a fortune to get a handcrafted designer blouse.

There are many ways in which you can design a stylish contemporary blouse for yourself on your own. Yes, that’s possible. We have got you covered with this awesome DIY hack!

All you need is Gota borders and mirror embellishments to decorate your blouse with and of course fabric of your choice. Begin with drawing the neck design on a canvas sheet (white).

You can also learn through this video:

Cut this design and place it on the fabric and use hot iron to make it stick to the fabric. Then, cut the fabric according to your measurements and sew it into a blouse using a sewing machine.

Finally, paste the mirror embellishments along with gota embellishments using a fevicMryl (Fabric glue) along the neck border.

You can even paste them on the border of sleeves. Totally depends on how you want to style your blouse. And, tada! It’s good to go!

You can purchase this blouse from here:https://www.zipker.com/designer-blouses.html

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    That looks really nice. Do you have any more pictures of the assembly process?