Mirror From Broken LCD Monitor




Introduction: Mirror From Broken LCD Monitor

If you have an LCD with a giant crack running through it, make a mirror instead of throwing it away. The crack is nearly invisible after the operation, see picture.

This is really easy, and just amounts to tearing apart your screen, flipping over the reflective part, and putting it back together.

Actually, the biggest challenge was being a little creative about hanging it.

You'll need a little computer screwdriver and some scissors, plus whatever you plan to use to hang it. I'll leave the hanging to your own devices.

Step 1: Disassemble

Ok, ripping apart. Take your little screw driver and just take it all apart. I saved a small piece of metal to use to hang the mirror. Most of the frame can go away.

The big white strip (green on the other side, pictured) that says "do not touch" should be cut off with scissors.

Step 2: Reassemble

The LCD has several layers. Find the shiny part and make it point outwards, the better to see your beautiful face with!

Now screw it back together in a few places so the frame holds all the guts in. For ease, try to attach at least one piece that can be used to hang it, like pictured. These should have come off the frame.

Step 3: Hang It Up!

You're done. Find a nice place to hang it. If you hang it sideways, as pictured, you will want to put a screw on the opposite edge, away from our mounts, to hold the thing to the wall.

If your monitor is like mine, you'll have a nice shiny frame around your nice shiny mirror!

Little cable was kept for style purposes.

Thanks for watching!



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    10 Discussions

    just a quick thought, remember those old make up mirrors with lights in them from the 80s and 90s? if the "mirror" were to be used for make up and set upright, couldn't you use the two wires to run a set of LED's across the top edge under the glass aimed slightly upward or adjustable with a bracket across the top edge that can pivot up and down slightly for more or less light?

    I would strip some of the wire to make it look like it was forcefully torn from a screen. You could make up some fun stories about it.

    I've never actually disassembled an LCD monitor. Is this reflective part metal, or is it mirrored glass? When I read the title I first though you'd be putting a mirror within the frame of an LCD monitor -- which would also be kind of artistic and interesting. :)

    1 reply

    Now that I think of it, I'm not totally sure. There was glass, then shiny parts, I flipped them around and viola! Mirror.

    "Keeps the mirror from coming away from the wall" - a big ugly screw? Do you think that sticky-foam tape or pads might serve the same purpose? L

    3 replies

    Oh yes, big screws have many uses! Has this still got a back-light on it or something (the wire)? L

    No, I was just playing the Sims 2 and for some reason felt that leaving the wire would make it "Art Deco."