Miso Tofu Sandwiches




Introduction: Miso Tofu Sandwiches

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Delicious veggie sandwiches! The main ingredient is tofu dipped in miso soup mix and then pan fried. Add whatever other veggies you like! This time, I used onions, bell peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and sprouts.

Another delicious variant is to wrap the tofu slices in a strip of nori and fry that. It's crispy and great in sandwiches.



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    This looks super yummy ~ but I only have miso paste. So I tried using taco
    seasoning instead.  REALLY good!  I ate it on a whole wheat tortilla with sliced avocado and tomato.  Definitely will become a regular meal in my home!  Thanks for taking the time to share.

    How long would you say the slices cook per side? How do you know when they're done? Thanks again, -Yami

    Unfortunately this recipe didn't work out for me that well :-| Maybe I did something wrong, but the Miso burnt when fried and didn't taste that good as it did in the soup I made from the left over powder. The whole setup of the big sandwich with vegetables was great though, so maybe next time I'll keep it simple and fry tofu with some chopped garlic for flavor. An odd tip - I added some tahini to the sandwich to smooth out the burnt Miso flavor and it really improved the sandwich.

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    I certainly do remember the miso powder cooking much more quickly than I would have liked. I experimented with lower heat, which helped. Another approach would be to use Miso paste and make your own "Miso mix": add some garlic, onions, etc. That might spread a little more evenly and burn more slowly. Simply adding some water to the mix to form a paste might work, too. An odd tip of my own: I've made these each wrapped in nori, as well. Tasty!

    Thanks for the tips. Here's another :) I left half the portion I made in the fridge for 2 days. Took it out, microwaved it, and it tasted so much better! I guess the Miso had some time to sink right in to the tofu which made it extra good, a real meaty kind of flavor.

    It was, indeed, for Ultimate Salad Club. And yeah, it sure was tasty. Too bad you weren't here to help eat it all...

    Nice - Still getting the occasional jealous looks from catered lunchers? This actually looks really good - and easy to make too :)

    I'm sure this is a wonderful instructable. I personally can't eat much soy because it gives me migraine headaches and has since I was young.
    After doing alot of research on soy I feel it I have to post this like...Soy and Overuse

    Please don't get crazy over the title and read what the author has to say. It doesn't suprise me and is eye opening.

    Read it with a open mind please and make up your own mind up.

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    There is a bunch of speculation about the effects that isoflavones can have on the body, since they are chemically similar to estrogen. Links to Alzheimer's disease have been suggested, for example.

    However, the effects of these compounds on sexual development of children have not been found, after careful study (http://www.upenn.edu/researchatpenn/article.php?250&hlt). Be careful where you get your information; an op-ed by a minister is a bad place to get medical advice.

    Cool idea - I'd never have thought of using miso soup mix that way! Guess you could also sprinkle on some joy sauce, for a soy bean trifecta. :-D