Miss La Sen 6 Petal Lotus Lantern



Introduction: Miss La Sen 6 Petal Lotus Lantern

In the Asian cultures, the Lotus has the positive and sacred meaning. People often used it for the lantern festival or in worship and decoration.

Step 1: Download This Pattern to Trace on the Art Paper or Foam. Print It in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut the 6 Petals on Foam Like the Picture.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom Bracket. You Can Cut Like the Pattern or More Simple Like the Picture.

Step 4: Use the Puncher to Punch a Hole Under the Bottom of Oval Shape of Each Petal.

Step 5: Pierce Each Arrow of the Bottom Bracket Into the Hole of Each Petal.

Step 6: Pierce 6 Arrows of the Bottom Bracket Into the Holes of 6 Petals.

Step 7: Cut the Top Bracket.

Step 8: Punch Each Hole on Each Oval Shape to Insert the Top Bracket

Step 9: Use the Glass Paper to Glue on the Oval Shapes.

Step 10: Inside of Each Petal.

Step 11: Pierce the Top Bracket Into Each Petal.

Step 12: After Insert 2 Brackets Into 6 Petals.

Step 13: Punch a Hole on the Top Bracket to Hang the Lantern.

Step 14: Download This Pattern and Print It in A4 Size Paper. Cut the Elements on the Art Paper and Glue Them Together.

Step 15: Insert Miss La Sen Pattern Under the Lantern.

Step 16: You Can Use This Pattern. It Is Similar to the Above Piece.

Step 17: If You Want to Make the Lantern Which Have 6 Petals Attached in the Bottom, You Can Use This Pattern.

Download this pattern and print it in A2 or A1 size paper.

Step 18: Finally, You Have Lantern Like That

Step 19: You Can Make the 5 Petal Lantern. It's Rather Cute.



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