Miss La Sen Autumn Lantern

Introduction: Miss La Sen Autumn Lantern

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Miss La Sen is a lucky icon, some temples in Thailand already have this icon. You can make a Miss La Sen lantern to hang in house or temple.

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Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Download This Pattern for Bottom and 2 Brackets of the Lantern and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 3: Cut Out the Brackets, Bottom.You Can Trace Them on the Foam or Thick Paper.

Step 4: Cut the Dress

Step 5: Cut the Left Arm

Step 6: Glue the Left Arm on the Dress Like the Picture

Step 7: Cut the Left Sleeve

Step 8: Glue the Left Sleeve on the Left Arm

Step 9: Cut the Right Arm

Step 10: Glue the Right Arm on the Dress

Step 11: Cut and Glue the Right Sleeve

Step 12: Cut the Right Shoe and Leg

Step 13: Cut the Left Leg and Shoe

Step 14: Glue 2 Legs and Shoes Like the Picture

Step 15: Cut the Headband, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth, ....

Step 16: Cut the Head of Miss La Sen

Step 17: Cut the Bow

Step 18: Cut Flower on the Right Ear

Step 19: Cut the Eyes

Step 20: Glue the Headband on the Head

Step 21: Glue the Flower on the Right Ear

Step 22: Glue the Bow on the Headband

Step 23: Glue the Elements for Miss La Sen Head Together

Step 24: Glue the Head on the Body

Step 25: Cut and Glue the Body for Another Side.

Step 26: Cut the Head and Glue on the Body for Another Side

Step 27: Glue the Bottom Onto the 2 Sides of the Lantern

Step 28: Glue the 2 Brackets Onto the 2 Sides of Lantern

Step 29: Glue the Glass Paper

Step 30: Glue Glass Paper on the Oval Shape in the Center of Miss La Sen Body

Step 31: One Bracket of Lantern

Step 32: You Can Insert the Small Electric Light in the Lantern

Step 33: Done. You Have Miss La Sen Autumn Lantern and Can Hang It.

Step 34: If You Want to Make the Lantern for Boy. You Can Make the Miss La Sen House Lantern.

Download the pattern and print it in A2 size paper, make the steps like Miss La Sen lantern above.

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