Miss La Sen Birthday Cake Box



Introduction: Miss La Sen Birthday Cake Box

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You can make the birthday cake box simply with our guide.

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Step 1: You Can Draw This Template on the Cardboard or Download This Pattern.

Step 2: Print It in A2 Size Paper and Cut It Like the Picture.

Step 3: Fold the Template and Cut the Circle Whose Diameter Is 16 Cm.

Step 4: Glue the Edge of the Box (F) Together.

Step 5: Use the Paper Cutting Knife to Create the Openings at (A) and (B )

Step 6: Fold 2 Sides of the Box Like the Picture and Put the Bars (G) and ( H) Into the Openings.

You Can Put the Cake Into the Box Before You Put the Bars G and H Into the Openings.

Step 7: Done. You Have the Miss La Sen Birthday Cake Box.

When you need to take the cake out of the box, you can open the bars G and H. It is very convenient. You can use the Piece of Glass Paper to glue under the circle to keep good hygiene.

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