Miss La Sen Festival Lotus Lantern



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On the lantern festival, Yuanxiao Festival, Vesak day and the mid- autumn festival... they often hang many lotus lanterns on the strings. You can make Miss La Sen lotus lantern with this simple guide.

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Step 1: Download This Pattern for the Lotus Lantern Shape and Print It in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Download This Pattern for the Sepals and Top Bracket of the Lotus Lantern. Print It in A3 Size Paper.

Step 3: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 4: Trace the Lantern Shape on the Thick Foam, 5mm Thick. Cut It Out.

Step 5: Cut the Oval Shape Inside of Each Petal So That You Can Glue the Glass Paper Later. You Have 6 Petals.

Step 6: Cut the Hexagon Frame for the Top.

Step 7: Punch a Hole on the Left Side of Each Petal to Poke the Arrow Tab Onto.

Step 8: Cut 6 Pieces of Glass Papers to Glue Onto 6 Petals.

Step 9: Glue 6 Pieces of the Glass Papers Onto the 6 Petals.

Step 10: Outside of the Lotus Lantern.

Step 11: Punch a Hole on the Top of Each Petal to Poke the Arrow Tabs on the Hexagon Frame Onto.

Step 12: After Poking 6 Arrow Tabs Onto 6 Petals.

Step 13: The Lantern Is Seen Above.

Step 14: Cut the Part for Sepals

Step 15: Use the Glue-gun to Glue the Green Sepals Onto the Pink Petals.

Step 16: After Glueing the Sepals

Step 17: Cut Miss La Sen's Head on the Foam.

Step 18: Cut and Glue the Flower on the Right Ear.

Step 19: Cut and Glue the Headband on the Head.

Step 20: Cut the Bow and Glue It Onto the Headband.

Step 21: Cut the Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks... Glue Them Onto the Face.

Step 22: Cut the Dress and Glue It Onto the Head.

Step 23: Cut the Arms, Shoes.

Step 24: Glue Arms, Shoes Onto the Dress.

Step 25: Poke the Red Fabric String Onto the Top and the Bottom of the Lantern.

Step 26: Poke the Miss La Sen Onto the Red Fabric String. You Can Add the Small Electric Light Into the Lantern. the Glass Paper Will Make the Light Shine Through.

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