Miss La Sen Hanging Lucky Decoration on Lunar New Year

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Miss La Sen is the symbol of the luck, prosperity...A Miss La Sen hanging lucky decoration on Lunar New Year will make the house more interesting.

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Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut the Head on the Foam

Step 3: Cut the Flower and the Headband. Glue Them Like the Picture.

Step 4: Cut the Eyes, Bow, Cheeks, Mouth... Glue Them Onto the Head.

Step 5: Cut the Aodai, Pants, Shoes, Arms, Sleeves

Step 6: Use the Glue-gun to Glue the Elements Together.

Step 7: Glue the Head Onto the Body.

Step 8: Poke Miss La Sen Onto the Red Fabric String and Hang It

Step 9: You Can Hang It on the Flower Vase on Lunar New Year.

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