Miss La Sen Lucky Pinwheel



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The Asian people think that the pinwheels can change their destiny. So you can see many pinwheels with that meaning in Zojoji Temple ( Japan), Daikakuji Temple in Kyoto, Wong Tai Sin temple ( Hongkong), Chinatown (Singapore) and some temples in Beijing, China.

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Step 1: Download This Pattern. Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace on the Paper or Foam and Cut It.

Step 3: Fold and Glue Like the Picture

Step 4: Cut 4 Flowers Like the Picture

Step 5: Glue 4 Flowers on Each Ear of the Pinwheel

Step 6: Use the Zinc String Into the Pinwheel.Use the Paper Pipe to Make the Gap Like the Picture

Step 7: Use the Zinc String to Tie the Pinwheel Into the Holder Like the Picture

Step 8: Make the Smaller Pinwheel, the Tag to Write Your Name. Insert the 2 Pinwheels Into the Holder.

You can cut the round, square, star shapes in the pattern to glue on the pinwheel for decoration.

Step 9: Download and Print This Pattern in A4 Size Paper. Cut the Elements and Glue, Then Glue It on the Pinwheel.

You can put in into the temples and hope that this pinwheel can bring you luck as its meaning.

Step 10: You Have Miss La Sen Pinwheel.

Step 11: If You Want to Make Miss La Sen 5 Petal Pinwheel, You Can Use This Pattern. Download It and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

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