Miss La Sen Recycling Lantern



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Miss La Sen is fictional character in Sorim Story boardgame, Miss La Sen spring rolls, comic books, cartoon clips...

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Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Use an Old Plastic Bottle, Minimum Diameter 10cm. If It Has the Smaller Diameter, the Heat of the Candle Will Affect to the Plastic Lantern.

Step 3: Cut This Old Bottle Into 2 Parts. Take the Bottom.

Step 4: Cut a Rectangle on the Plastic Bottle. Use the Hemp Strings to Roll Around the Bottle. Except the Rectangle Hole.

Step 5: Use the Glass Paper. Cut a Glass Paper Rectangle Which Is Larger Than the Hole.

Step 6: Glue the Glass Paper Rectangle Onto the Bottle.

Step 7: Make 2 Holes on the Bottle and Use a Zinc Wire to Connect 2 Holes to Hold the Lantern.

Step 8: Use the Bigger Hemp String to Glue Around the Rectangle Hole.

Step 9: After Glueing the Hemp String Around.

Step 10: Cut Miss La Sen’s Head on the Foam or the Art Paper.

Step 11: Cut the Flower, Headband and Glue Them Onto the Head.

Step 12: Cut the Dress.

Step 13: Cut the Bow, Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks, Arms... and Glue Them Like the Picture.

Step 14: Glue Miss La Sen Onto the Lantern. Use the Big Hemp String to Make a Bow on the Top of the Lantern.

Step 15: Use the Burlap Fabric Sheet to Wrap the Zinc String.

Step 16: After Wrapping the Zinc String.

Step 17: Done. You Can Put the Tea –light Candle in the Lantern and Burn It.

Step 18: You Can Hang It on the Tree, Wall...

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