Miss La Sen Square Spring Roll Paper Box



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You can make this box yourself in the food donation activities, the food box contest on accasion of Miss La Sen charity day, Miss La Sen vegetarian day, Miss La Sen festival ...etc

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Step 1: Download This Pattern.

Step 2: Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Trace It on the Cardboard and Cut It Out.

Step 4: Fold It Like the Picture.

Step 5: Fold the Line Between 2 Lids Like the Picture.

Step 6: Fold the 2 Lids Like the Picture and Glue Them.

Step 7: Download This Pattern for the Miss La Sen Shape. Print It in A4 Size Paper

Step 8: Cut the Miss La Sen’s Head on the Foam.

Step 9: Cut the Flower, Headband and Glue Them on the Head.

Step 10: Cut the Foam Dress.

Step 11: Cut the Foam Dress.

Step 12: Cut the Miss La Sen Pattern and Glue It on the Cover of the Box. You Can Hold Spring Roll's Parts and Food in This Box.

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