Missouri Wildflowers

My three kids are completely geeked over the wildflowers in our yard...so I'm preserving them through photography. The plan is to document every species we spot, and add to the slideshow throughout the year.



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    Would you happen to know what this flower is? It's been driving me crazy! Hahah. And I'm worried it's going to be something really simple, and I'll feel silly for having asked! :P

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    Even more beautiful pictures! How did you get so good at identifying flowers? Is it just years and years of experience, or do you have any tips you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm just 19, and I just started developing my interest for wild plants recently! What kills me is when I come across a beautiful flower, take a photo, and then have absolutely no clue what it is, or how to go about finding out! Hahaha! I'm from Ontario, though, so you may have some flowers we don't and vice versa, although of course, flowers know no political boundaries :P

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    I literally just did a google search for "Missouri wildflowers" (obviously you'd replace the state with the province or region you live in) and spent a few hours sifting through the websites until i found a couple that had a good database. From there i just cross-referenced the few that matched with my pictures, and labeled the ones that seemed to fit. There were many other pics i had no luck identifying, so i left them out, and others that could have matched similar species, so i had to look at the leaves as well (if possible) and consider the location, blooming period, etc. It can really be quite tedious, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is nice!


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    All updated; it took awhile for the changes to go through, but it's all good now.