MistaMunsta's Knex Rifle

Knex rifle. Has a range of around 40 metres(130feet).The magazine holds 7 yellow rods. Is pretty accurate and the design is super strong. The stock is very comfortable. I admit that I borrowed a couple of ideas from others. I've tried to use minimum pieces, so those who were unable to make Gorkems sniper Rilfe ect. might be able to make this. Please comment and rate.

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Step 1: The Barrel

This is obviosly the barrel.It's real easy to make and shouldn't take you too long.

Step 2: Magazine

Very simple.

Step 3: The Barrel Cover

pic1-make this
pic2-make this
pic3-put it together like this

Step 4: Another Part

keeps the wheel steady. i got the idea from pineapplebob.

Step 5: Put the Entire Barrel Together

This is the whole of the barrel put together.
I forgot to show a picture of the bit that stops the bullets falling out of the mag.
Pic 1- the whole barrel put together.
Pic 2- the bit you need to add.
Pic 3- " " " " " "
Pic 4-a picture

Step 6: The Main Body

The body of the rifle. dont worry about any of the rubberbands or string.

Step 7: The Handle and Trigger

The handle with the trigger. This is gorkems trigger. i thought it was great so i have used it here.

Step 8: The Stock

it is built like this, because the main problem with guns that use string to cock is that the string always got caught.

Step 9: More on the Stock

it is very comfortable

Step 10: Firing Pin

Black rod and brown\orange connector. Tape to make it stronger and a rubberband to absorb some of the impact.
it obviously goes in the barrel

Step 11: Bipod

It isnt the greatest bipod. it swivells which makes it easy to aim. It is easy to clip on or off using the blue and purple connector.
pic1-what the gun looks like with the bipod.
pic2-a close up of where the bipod connects to the gun
pic3-a picture of nothing important

Step 12: Add String and Rubberbands

pic1-firing pin
pic2-cocking string
pic3-cocking string
pic4-tie the string here, like i have.
pic5-tie the string to the trigger
pic6-it goes through here.
Pic7-and goes round the wheel like this.
pic8-this is the best place to put the rubberbands as it is a strong point.
pic9-put a rubberband here. this bit creates enough friction to stop the rod in the barrel falling out the front. it also pushes the next round into the barrel

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    110 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 1

    Do u hav to use all those tan clips? I only have like 5....

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 3

    ummm ya so i cant really see the first pic could you maybe take another 1 please thats clearer??? thanks


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 1

    not to say i wont try my hardest with these pix, but add better pix for the sake of everyone else who tries to build this awesome gun


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Why do you guys care if it is a Gorkem copy? They are both awsome guns and are fun to make and this one uses less pieces so why are you complaining?

    looks like a nice gun but can you get better pictures, or can anyone else redo it? sorry to moan... anyways... im just being random now. -awkward silence- oo and by the way im new lolza


    11 years ago on Introduction

    its not a gorkem copy its just another gun with the firin pin in the middle (wich was orginally gorkem idea) but its not gorkems!! guns with firing pin in the middle rocks, becaus you can look clearly over the gun without being hit by the firing pin! (wow long comment) anyways good job mistamunsta great gun! i might build it


    11 years ago on Introduction

    the barrel just looks like pineapplebobs anyways the body is better


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i seroiusly dont get it.... how can an ordinary block trigger gun, go 140 ft???? I've made a couple of other guns, and none of them went more than 20 ft.