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In this instructable I will show you how to cut straight without a miter box. This is useful when cutting a wide piece of wood, especially without access to a table saw.

Step 1: Cut Blocks

In this step make "rough" version of the blocks:
  1. Take two square cubes.
  2. Saw them in half.

Step 2: Prepare Blocks (Optional)

Although you can use the blocks as-is from the previous step, you may want to prepare them for further re-use. It's easy to mistake them for one-time-use wood scraps otherwise.
  1. Label the top of the blocks to identify where they will go when cutting.
  2. Put tape around the blocks.
  3. Put rubber cement on the bottom of the blocks to create more grip.
  4. Finish the blocks. I used a mixture of bees wax, mineral oil, and walnut oil in equal parts.

Step 3: Position and Cut

In this step, position the blocks and cut. They act as guides for the saw.
  1. Draw a straight line.
  2. Clamp down left-side blocks.
  3. Position saw.
  4. Clamp down right-side blocks.
  5. Cut.
Leave some wiggle room for the saw or it will be difficult to cut.
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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    No, I think this would only work well for a hand saw. You might be able to use a circular saw by clamping down a thick/straight edge that you can use as a guide.