Miter Saw Stand Add for a Drill Press

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I work in our basement, i have a small room there.

Nice place tough, but to be able to use and to get fit all tools i want, i had to find my own solutions.

This is my solution from how to get drill press verstile and be able to drill long parts with it.

Step 1: No Need for Separate Drill Table..

I made a simple add to my miter saw stand, now i can use it when i want to drill holes for the long parts.

Material is nylon, video at the end shows the manufacturing process.

Step 2: But.. It Works With the Miter Saw Too.

Whole thing wouldn't have been so usefull if i couldn't use it with the miter saw too.

I raised the miter saw with 40mm long pipes to get my "drill attachment" to fit under the miter saw.

Now i don't need to remove or store anything, i can simply lift miter saw away, and place drill to its place,

and after drilling, just lift the miter saw back on its place.

Last picture contains measures that i used. If you have Evolution mitre saw stand, you can work with them.

Otherwise, i hope you got something from the idea. :)



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    1 year ago

    from some of your instructables, there is a lot of small tips that have helped me for other works. Thank you for these tips and projects.

    1 reply
    Tuomas Soikkelidarkdragon74

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! Im glad that you have found my toughts usefull.

    I also made a dustpan that uses those same "rails". It collects particles that would otherwise go to the floor. It can be pulled out for emptying.