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Introduction: Miter Saw Workbench

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Here you will find my new miter saw workbench. This is Shanty-2-Chic's design and it is great. I modified a few measurements to fit my saw and changed the compartments a little on the top. You can find the full instructions on Shanty-2-Chic's website.

Step 1: Legs

This step I made the legs. Photo shows the legs screwed together.

Step 2: Top and Bottom Frames

Next I made all of the cuts for the frames.

Step 3: Frames Assembled

I assembled the top and bottom frames as shown in the photos.

Step 4: Attached Legs

Next I attached the legs to the bottom frame using wood screws.

Step 5: Shelf and Top Frame

Next I added the plywood to the bottom frame.

I flipped the unit on its top to add the top frame and casters.

Step 6: Table Saw Fence

Next I put my Miter Saw on the bench in the location I wanted. I then added the fences.

Step 7: Compartments

Next I made the cuts for the compartment sides. I placed them where I wanted and then added the tops.

Miter saw fits perfect.



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    It's pretty good. The only thing i would change is adding some rollers to make it much easier to slide the wood.

    1 reply

    I like it. I want to build one but I'm trying to determine the best method for the table to collapse. If your bottom shelf fits inside the top frame you could potentially stand it in a corner or lean up against a wall if collapsed.

    2 replies

    I'm not sure how I would do it. Maybe there is some way to make the legs secure but quick release where they attach under the table and just allow the bottom shelf to drop into place on the bottom. I have minimum skill in carpentry...

    Nice...did you have to rip the compartment sides? How did you go about getting the correct measurements for the top. Lastly how did you attach the taller boards in the step 6 picture?

    2 replies

    The compartment boards were ripped first. I ripped one long sheet to the height I wanted and then mitered the lengths. I set the miter saw where I wanted it to go before I decided on the compartment sizes. The back fence boards were attached with pocket hole screws. I put the straightest 2x4 on the miter saw to line up the fence boards before screwing them down. It was fairly easy to do.

    This looks great!

    There is one addition that I would highly recommend. On my saw bench, I built a open top drawer that is slightly wider and deeper than the saw table and about 6" deep. Cut some holes in the deck that supports the feet of the saw. Make them large enough that most small off cuts can fall into the drawer.

    This allows the majority of sawdust and off cuts to fall into the drawer, making cleanup MUCH easier. Just pull it out and empty it.

    You can also add a sliding panel near the front of the drawer bottom. Pull the drawer part way out, put a trash can under the panel, slide the panel open, and scrape the waste into the trash.

    Beatiful <3

    Nice job. I love how you did the 2 shelves.