Mitre Saw Stand,Making It Mobile

Introduction: Mitre Saw Stand,Making It Mobile

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Being very impressed with this Evolution mitre saw stand i decided that I would use it in the workshop as it has a smaller footprint than my fixed mitre saw and i could move it out of the way when not needed as the rest of my machines are on wheels and mobile it should fit in quite nicely.

I cut a piece of 16mm plywood to size using my trend clamp-on straight edge and circular saw.

Step 1: Cutting the Leg Blocks

i cut four 100mm x 16mm square pieces of plywood and hole sawed a 48mm hole through and counter sunk pilot hole for screws into each block

Step 2: Screwing the Blocks to the Base Board

I placed each block under the legs and screwed them down

Step 3: Wheels and Blocks

I fitted two wheels to the underside of the base board one in each corner under the legs and blocks opposite to the same hight as the wheels

Step 4: Fitting Cargo Strap

Because the stand only rests on the baseboard it would be difficult to move around and i didn't want to do a permanent fix as i use the stand outside of my workshop so I cut two hole in the baseboard to feed a cargo strap through and looped it over the cross brace under the top of the stand to secure it to the base .

Although I used an Evolution stand the base can be adapted for any mitre saw stand

Please check out my video for a more comprehensive view of the build

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