Mitsubishi L200 12v Onboard Shower




Introduction: Mitsubishi L200 12v Onboard Shower

My idea is to have a water supply in my truck while camping or going to the beach, river or offroading

Step 1: The Item From Amazon

I have purshased a package from Amazon that includes everything its needed to start this proyect, its a cheap 12v water pump just to see how it works.

the item was only $37.55 + free shipping

Step 2: Unboxing the Item From Amazon

List of items included on the package

1 12v water pump (130 psi)

2 Cigarrete connector cable 3m

3 water gun

4 High pressure pipe 6.5m

5 inlet pipe and water filter 1.2m

6 3 quick connect connectors

7 instructions

Step 3: My Add Ons

List of things I buy to complete the kit

1 5 pattern spray nozzle (dont like the quality of the one included)

2 painter extension pole

3 painter pole tool holder

4 soap bucket to safely store and transport the kit

5 7 Gallon water container for small needs of water supply (beach river and off road where no more than 4 people are going to be using water to clean up.)

6 35 Gallon water drum for bigger needs of water supply (camping or other activity where more than 4 people are going to be using water to shower clean up etc.)

7 4 screws, washers and nuts to mount the pump

Step 4: Mounting and Installing the Shower

Initially the idea is to have a system that can be assembled in a short time and also it can be used in different cars, in a future the plan is to have a permanent system attached to the truck (need to find a good place for a water container under the bed to keep at least 7 gallons of water and also be easily accessible to fill and drain)

Steps for mounting

1 My truck bed has a plastic cover, so I drilled 4 holes to mount 4 screws to mount the water pump, for my needs these screws can permanently stay there

2 12v socket to power the pump, Previously I already had a power outlet in my bed so I did not need to install a new one

3 place the water container in the best place for your needs, strap the container if you are going to be on the move.

Step 5: Testing the Shower and Keeping It Safe

1 I put the painter pole, the tool holder and the nozzle all together, this if for the shower so you can adjust the height

2 you can also use the noozle without the pole if you need to clean your hands feet or any other thing

3 in the soap bucket all the items are easily stored, to carry the system theres only 2 things needed, the case and the water container, thats it

4 my water container is designed with a double function one to be used without the pump, in the lid was installed a faucet that works by gravity and the other to be used with the pump


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    Bad billy goat
    Bad billy goat

    1 year ago

    Excellent. Was thinking of something similar with a solar heated reservoir. Best get onto amazon!