Mixer Mover

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This "Wheelbarrow for your mixer" lets you easily move a heavy stand mixer into the corner or under cabinets. Lift the front handle and pull or push the mixer to its desired location.


Step 1:

Print the front, connector, rear and two wheels. Print at 100% fill to maximize strength. The design files (using 123d) are included in this step if you choose to modify anything.

Step 2:

Friction fit the two bearings into two wheels.

Step 3:

Push the wheels onto the rear axle.

Step 4:

Use the connector piece to join the front and rear (friction fit).

Step 5:

Set the mixer on the "mover" and you're ready to roll.



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    This is a very cool concept. Like 43totheN I would be slightly concerned about stability. Have you thought about designing it so that while mixing, the wheels would not be in contact with the counter? Maybe you would tilt the mixer backward to make the wheels contact the counter top, or make flip-down wheels. The only reason I mention this is because I've seen these things slowly walk across a counter.

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    That's an interesting suggestion--I'll look at moving the wheels up and back so that greater tilt will be required to make the wheels contact the countertop. It's a little tricky, since too much tilt will defeat moving it under cabinets (or encourage the mixer to slide off the back). It shouldn't take a lot of work for me to test the concept.


    4 years ago

    Neat idea. How stable is it while using the mixer, particularly with something heavy in the bowl?

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It works fine for me on my tile counter. For a very smooth top (like granite?), the wheels and front rest might need to be painted with liquid electrical tape to provide more traction.