Mk.II Kayak: Saumik




Intro: Mk.II Kayak: Saumik

After the success of my first kayak (made by carefully following this wonderful tutorial:, I thought I'd make another one out of the bamboo we have growing out back.

It was super-cheap, but I wouldn't recommend bamboo as the sole material; I've dubbed this "saumik," which I've gathered to mean "left-handed" in Canadian Inuit. A very appropriate title since it tends to veer left in motion.



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    armored boremibzman

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    That's because it is. It's canvas duck cloth from Joanne's (bought on sale; otherwise, it's 10$ per yard) painted with exterior latex-based paint from Home Depot. Pretty awesome that you can do this with such common materials.