Mob Launcher in Minecraft

Introduction: Mob Launcher in Minecraft

This is a Minecraft mob launcher I discovered when I filled a hole with mobs as a prank to lag my friends world. Then, I accidentily added water. This happened.

This was not easy to clean up. Please do not try if you like your world.

Step 1: Get Materials

•Blocks of your choice(X11)

•Spawn eggs, lots of them or you need to be in creative mode (X1,000)

•Water buckets (X1)

Step 2: Build!

Get your 11 blocks and build a structure like a 3x3 cube but without the corners. Then add one block on top, It dos'nt matter on which block, any will do.

Step 3: Tap Like Mad.......

Now, you have my perrmision to tap, tap like mad to spawn your mobs. Need I explain how many? No? Well I'm gonna and there is nothing you can do about it. Put like, until your world is laggy.

Step 4: Just Add Water! Instant Mob Launcher!

Well, self explainatory.

Pour water on the extra block on top that you added.

Sorry the pictur is'nt the best

Step 5: Watch Your Children Fly, Look Mom, No Hands!!

Even more self explainatory..




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    Vishwas Adiga
    Im using PE

    Are you using the PC edition or PE?

    and I have gave u my vote

    OK this is cool
    I will try it
    thank you