Mobile Accelerometer Controlled Vehicle

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This is a very simple project and can be done easily. This requires an android mobile. Every Android mobile has an inbuilt accelerometer and we will use this to control the vehicle through Bluetooth. All we have to do is tilt the mobile to decide which direction the vehicle should move for example if you tilt the mobile forward the vehicle will move forward

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

  • Arduino Uno (any Arduino can be used) - 1
  • motor driver(L293D) - 1
  • Bluetooth module (HC-06) - 1
  • DC motor - 2
  • Android mobile
  • battery
  • screw driver
  • chassis
  • double-sided tape
  • jumper cable

Step 2: Making the Vehicle

  1. First, gather all the required materials
  2. Solder the jumper cable with the contacts of the dc motor
  3. Interfacing the components are pretty simple
  4. You can refer to the circuit diagram for an idea, but I used a motor driver which makes the interfacing simple.
  5. I have attached the Arduino code you can download and upload it to the board
  6. note: Whileuploading the code do not forget to remove the Rx and Tx pin connecting Arduino and Bluetooth module

Step 3: Mobile Application

  1. you can design your own app using MIT app inventor which is just joining the blocks
  2. The app should periodically read the accelerometer value and return the respective data for each range
  3. I have attached the app that I have created which is not very stable but it will do the work



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