Mobile Charger Using IC 7805

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As we all know, the mobile charge input Voltage is 5V, the ic 7805 output Voltage is 5V. So can we use ic 7805 to charge mobile phone?

You can see this video.

The answer is Yes. We can use ic 7805 to charge Mobile phone. But...

Let's see how to make it first.

Step 1: Using IC 7805 to Connect the Charger Line

connect the charger line with the ic 7805 (detail in the video)

Step 2: Test the Voltage

Complete the connecting, connect the circuit, test the input voltage about 8.5V, The output voltage 5V.

Step 3: Charge Test

charge test. Okay. We can charge the mobile phone.

Step 4: Conclusion

The answer is Yes. We can use ic 7805 to charge Mobile phone. But let’s look at the charger current first. 5V 2A. How much can a 7805 deliver? 1A(1.5A max). Even then it will be very hot, even with the heat sink, without the heat sink it will shut itself down.

It’s possible to charge older phones with a 7805, but it’s a very inefficient solution. Modern phones draw well more than 1A during charging. Even an iPhone 5 or SE draws more than 1A, close to 2A in specific phases of charging. The charger will be fever and waste of energy.



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