Mobile Clothes Airer / Dryer




Fed up with doing the clothesline hokey cokey?

Annoyed at having to repeatedly rehang washing?

I was, so I made my indoor airer mobile!

Now I use and can whisk in the washing before it gets wet with no rehanging. Boom!

Step 1: Parts List

1x internal clothes airer / dryer - the sort that traps your fingers and causes instant swearing if you dare try moving it.

1x garden trolley with removable drop-down sides

Step 2: Instructions

Remove the sides from your garden trolly and fix the airer to the flat bed. I'd suggest cable ties, rope or if you want to get fancy some nuts and bolts

I got lucky and was able to just jam the legs either side of the trolley's bed.

Finally, use a bit of firewood for a wheel chock.

Step 3: Extra Support

I also added a broom handle with a hook on it to handle any capsizes...



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    5 years ago

    thinking of adding a golf trolley motor, some servos and an rc car remote. or thinking big, make it autonomous.