Mobile Control LED(Arduino+Bluetooth Module)

Introduction: Mobile Control LED(Arduino+Bluetooth Module)

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In this instructable i will show how to control LED from Android phone using Arduino Uno Board and HC-05 Bluetooth module.

In this Arduino code is explained.

For Android code refer...

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Step 1: Requirements


  • Arduino Uno board
  • Bluetooth Module(here HC-05)
  • LED
  • Male to Male wires
  • breadboard
  • Android Phone


  • Arduino

Step 2: Circuit

Make circuit as shown in diagram above.

Note: connect VCC and GND of bluetooth module to 5V and GND of Arduino respectively.

Step 3: Arduino Code

You can download code (led.ino file)

code is to turn ON ,turn OFF and adjust the brightness of LED.

boolean led= false;
char command;
String string;
  void setup()
    pinMode(6, OUTPUT);//connect led to pin 6
  void loop()
    if (Serial.available() > 0) //check for input data 
    {string = "";}
    while(Serial.available() > 0)
      command = ((byte);
      if(command == ':')
        string += command;
    if(string == "on")//as "on" is written in android app for turning on led
       analogWrite(6, 255);
       led = true;
    if(string =="off")//as "off" is written in android app for turning on led
         analogWrite(6, 0);
         led = false;
    if ((string.toInt()>=0)&&(string.toInt()<=255))
      if (led==true)
        analogWrite(6, string.toInt());//type casting to integer
        Serial.println(string);//printing the int value 


Step 4: Android App

Download the LED Control.apk from link given:

  • Install the app
  • upload the code in Arduino (NOTE:keep recieving pin of arduino disconnected while uploading code)
  • OPen the app and enjoy controlling LED from mobile

If want to learn Android app code refer...

thank you.

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