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This Mobile project is a large display that will project shapes onto nearby surfaces. The design is built for large, open areas for the most dramatic affects. This project was created for a Design 102 class at Iowa State University. The mobile itself is comprised of two separate triangles that spin in tandem. The piece is twelve feet tall and is a dramatic art installation.

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Step 1: Prototype

We began by prototyping the mobile from notebook sketches. We started by using cheap materials: printer paper, chopsticks, and an iPhone flashlight. We scaled the model and cut experimental designs into the sides with X-Acto knives.

Step 2: The Build

We built the frame in two separate sections, connected by two pieces of 2 inch PVC pipe. First we built two 3x3 squares for the bases of the pyramids. Then we cut 1x1 inch square dowels to make one triangle 8 feet tall and the other 3 feet tall. After building the frame, we cut designs into a heavy canvas-like paper that allowed us to spray paint without the design warping. Before we placed the panels onto the frame, we drilled holes into the PVC pipe allowing us to run ecxtension cables through the display as well as fasten three 60 watt light bulbs inside. Finally, we glued each triangle section to the frame, then connected the two halves with a PVC connector.

Step 3: Finished Product

The result of this project was a massive art installation that stayed on display in the College of Design at Iowa State University for two months. The piece was admired by students and faculty as they passed through the building. At night the mobile would project different scenes onto the walls as it was spun by those walking underneath.

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    That is amazing! I wish, I had a chance to see this is person. I hope that you will share more projects in the future.