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Introduction: Mobile LCD Arm

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I'm accustomed at using dual LCDs... Sadly, after adding a 27 inch (ultra wide) to my computer desk I have no more space for a second monitor at least not without looking like you really need an extra table. I wanted a standalone LCD stand but couldn't find one for less than $200 with tax.

I looked around my office and decided to whip one up with what I had around...

What you'll need:

1 - LCD arm (old)

1 - 15 X 11 Bamboo chopping board

4 - 4 inch caster wheels (spares, came with a metal stand)

4 - 3/8 Nuts

8 - 3/8 Washers

Cordless drill

3/8 wood drill bit

Optional : 5 min. epoxy glue

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Step 1: So, in a Nutshell...

Let's start with the crazy fact: the bamboo chopping board has 3 layers and can withstand up to about 7 tons (according to the specs.) Talk about virtually indestructible... (at least for an office environment.)

The caster wheels are commercial grade and can withstand 110kg (~240 lbs) each wheel.

The LCD arm weights ~5kg and can support 14kg+ for the LCD...

I originally thought of having a 11kg kettlebell weight as a counter weight but it was not needed :)

Step 2: The Bamboo Board

The bamboo chopping board I have is 15 X 11 inches.

So, I decided to measure a 2 inch area around the edge of the board.

Find the center of the corner squares.

Take your drill and drill a 3/8 hole in the center.

Repeat for all corners...

Step 3: Caster Wheels

The caster wheels have a 3/8 by 1 inch stem (approx.)

So, I had to find "rough" 3/8 nuts and washers. Thin lock nuts work too...

Always try on the nuts and washers to make sure they are the correct type...

Step 4: Assemble the Board With the Casters

Make sure you have:

caster wheel> washer> bamboo> washer> nut

The washers are there for support!

Make sure if your caster wheels have "locks" that these are at the front.

I had 2 people jump on this and it did not break...

Step 5: Mount the LCD Arm

Before you do anything else, lock your wheels so that you do not have to chase it around the room.

I had to add some extra wood for the arm to fit properly and I also added some 5 min. epoxy to the nuts. (not needed)

Step 6: Mount the LCD and You Are Done!

Mount the LCD monitor as per the LCD arm instructions and you are done!

You can move it around to wherever you need to have it and you can also take it with you.


I'll be adding a 35 inch extension tube to the LCD arm. Then I'll be able to see the monitor even when standing up ...

Again, this project was made with things available around the office (recycled, my price was "free"). So, if you were to price this out, it might not be a good option for you but here is an aprox. idea:

Bamboo chopping board $5

Caster wheels $25 (4 in a set)

LCD Arm $45 (cheap, supports 35 inch LCDs)

Total: ~ $75

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I'm currently using 2-24" monitors and they bearly fit on my desk. I understand your pain. I can't imagine having 2-27" monitors! I'm more than a little jealous.