Mobile Phone Charging Station

Introduction: Mobile Phone Charging Station

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I always had the Problem to charge my mobilephone in my livingroom, there where no space for it. So my mobilephone hang on the charger cable or it lay on the ground. And after charging, what shall I do with the charger? So I decided to design my own charging station, which is integrated into my existing light switch/wall socket.

If you have no idea to work with electricity or you do not know how dangerous it is, keep your hands from this project !!!

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Step 1: Design, Printing and Installing

First I designed the orginal light switch and wall socket cover in Autodesk 123D. After that i created a body with a size of my mobile phone. Than I added some structure :-) ... My 3D printer has a build size of 150x150x100 so I had to split the object in 4 parts :-( After printing I used hot glue to stick the parts together and I painted it for a better look ...

And then I replaced the orignal light switch / wall socket cover with the new one :-)

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