Mobile Phone Controlled Robot

About: Hello My name is Prayag Nao.I am a tech enthusiastic person who does not follow reality,instead I create reality.I am sharing some project with you.I hope you will like them.


Today i am going to make a robot which can be controlled through mobile signals.This robot can be controlled all over world by just making call between 2 mobiles.

lets start..............

Step 1: Things You Will Need

A chassis or robot.

A 5v regulator.

A battery.

A motor Driver IC Module.

A DTMF Module.

Some connecting wire.

One mobile on robot and one mobile in hand.

Step 2:

Firstly connect 3.5mm jack to DTMF module and now connect 4 output of DTMF to 4 input of motor Driver IC connect all necessary pins (i.e. power,Gnd).

Now connect mobile to 3.5mm Jack.

your robot is ready to start.

Step 3: Final

Now just turn on power supply to 5v regulator and do auto answer mode on robot's mobile.

Now do a call to robot's mobile from your hand mobile , when you press keypad buttons on your robot will respond accordingly i.e. Move forward,move left etc.


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