Mobile Saw/Work Table




I built a relatively small work table that can be easily moved around my garage. This was intially done because I was given an used compound miter saw, and just using it on the ground wasn't very easy. It has shelving for storage and on the top has a vice as well as the saw.

Step 1: Cut Your Lumber & Build Shelves

I used 2x3" Studs for the shelve frames and 2x4" studs for the uprights/legs. I wanted the shelves to be 2'x3' so I cut 6 lengths of 21" and 6 Lengths of 36". I then butt jointed them and screwed them together as shown in the picture. Final dimensions of 24"x36". On top of that I attached by plywood to the completed frame with screws. I used scrap pieces of plywood that I was able to get my hands on, any kind should work.

Step 2: Add Your Legs/uprights

I Then added my uprights/legs to the shelves. To do this I cut the 2x4s into 8, 30" lengths. I then marked lines on each of the uprights at the level of the middle shelf. I then attached the Shelves the the uprights/legs at each corner. Matching the bottom of the shelf to the bottom of the leg and the top shelf at the top of the 2x3.

Step 3: Add the Wheels

The final step I completed was adding some old caster wheels I had to the bottom. I have since added a compound miter saw and a vice as well as spots to hang other tools. But it is easy to customize into anything you want.



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4 Discussions


2 years ago

Aprox 33 or so inches off the ground when you account for the casters.


2 years ago

How tall is the finished table?


3 years ago

Glad to hear it is working well for you.