Mobile Serving Table/ Food Station




We wanted a table that was portable and we wanted to build it from recycled, or repurposed items.

Step 1: Find a Sutible Frame.

I bought a motor scooter for my birthday and it came in a metal frame. I didn't want to scrap the frame since it was very sturdy. I painted it to prevent rust. Orange just happened to be on a markdown shelf at the store. I used exterior enamel. Gather the tools. For this project, we used a screw driver, plyers, circular saw, tape measure, ruler, pencil, spray paint, metal frame for the table, casters, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, and a latch to secure the doors. Your table may vary depending on what features you prefer for your table.

Step 2: Paint the Pieces.

After you have decided on the pieces you need for the table, paint them before you assemble them. I used wood siding that was left over from another project. Cut the pieces to fit your sides, top, back, and front. I painted each piece with a spray on 2x durable enamel paint. I wanted bright colors to keep things festive.

Step 3: Add Casters, Mark and Drill for Bolts and Screws.

Mark and drill for the bolts and screws that you need for assembly. Use the proper drill bits. If you have metal parts, use bits made for metal, etc.

I purchased a wheeled furniture dolly from a local discount hardware store. They have coupons frequently and great sale prices. It was cheaper to buy the dolly with the wheels, than buying the wheels and hardware separately. Disassemble the dolly and keep the two long pieces of hardwood to give the base more stability. Drill through the metal following the pre-drilled holes from the dolly's hardwood. Bolt these together through the wood and the metal frame.

Step 4: Test Fit and Start Assembly.

You will want to bolt each piece onto the frame. I hinged the side panels also since I plan to add additional work surface/top that will fold out, later. So, the sides fold out, and the back has two hinged doors. The front center is a stainless steel refrigerator door that I bought from a thrift store for $8. This gave us a magnetic place to put signage, or dry erase surface, changeable magnetic decorations, etc.

Step 5: Assemble the Table.

The refrigerator door has rounded sides, so I cut the table top to fit the curves. Because I used siding, which already was cut to overlap, it gave me the ability to overlap the rear doors when closed.

Step 6: The Inside Shelf.

You can add a shelf inside the table for storage, or to make your necessary picnic or event items easily accessible. We put our ice chest and a 40-pack of water bottles inside and still had plenty of space to add more things. Adding shelves will certainly increase the storage space. Add a latch to secure the rear doors. You can add a hasp instead if you want to secure the table with a lock. You could lock the side panels also since they are only attached with the hinges.

Step 7: Adding Some Lighting

We used empty glass soda bottles and a couple strings of battery operated LED Christmas-type lights. For some flair, we added a couple fiber-optic light kits to make help set the ambiance with color. To secure the lights in the bottles, we simply used clear tape to hold each light inside the top of the bottles.

Step 8: Add Food and Enjoy!

This was the Best part! Bring the food, plates, drinks, etcetera, and Enjoy. Secure the doors and sides, roll the table to its storage place or, gather your food and supplies, load the table onto your vehicle and fiesta wherever you go! I bought a scooter, and got a fantastic table too!



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    2 years ago

    You certainly thought "outside of the box" when you wanted and envisioned a table. Beautiful and effective result. Good explanations of what, how and why things were used and put together. The end result is a functioning, well put-together, nice looking, usable attractive lighted table that can certainly be available for evening and night events, not just for the day. Your lights are a great touch that makes a big difference in total usefulness. I like your final pictures of it all set up ready for a get-together or party. Now I want to make one!!!


    Reply 2 years ago

    The lights were $1 each pack. I used 2 mini strings of battery powered lights. The white lights are a string of 5, and the blue lights are a string of 10 lights bought at a local dollar store. The fiber optic lights were also $1, purchased online.