Mobile Storage and Machine Stand

Introduction: Mobile Storage and Machine Stand

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My workshop tends to get a bit crowded and when I needed to buy yet another piece of equipment I wanted to find a way to keep it out of the way when it was not in use. I decided to build a mobile cabinet to put it on.

Step 1: Recycling the Packaging

The equipment arrived in a big wooden box which with a lot of heaving and straining landed on the workshop floor. I carefully unscrewed the top of the packing case and after a bit of head scratching and waving around of tape measures, decided to cut it in half, screw it together again back to back.

I cut a new more durable top and a pair of doors for the ends, added a pair of fixed castors and a pair of braked steerable casters to the underside. I had some nice hinges and pull down latches to hold the doors shut.

Step 2: Jobs a Good'un!

The hardest part was getting the machine up on top of its new stand but once there it was stable and, as intended nice and mobile. I can park it in a corner when not in use.

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