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i have decided it was time to make a mobile table saw stand. i had an old craftsman table saw for 10 years and have upgrated to a bigger saw (old) but bigger, and it weighs a lot. so i will discribe the process i went threw on putting this together. hope someone can use as a guide to do there own if you want a moble base.

Step 1: Getting the Wood Ready

for the start i used 2x4 with screws. 6' lengthx24 width, 21.5" tall. wheels bought at home depot. wanted a lock but not the kind the are in the middle of the wheel, when i saw theese i went with them. i also added 2 in middle that do not lock but all swivel.

Step 2:

next i flipped the bench over as i make them upside down to start. added some 1/2" plywood to set saw on. setting the saw was a tough task to get straight. i bolted to the plywood and had to cut out a hole for the sawdust to go down to the lower level maybe ill add a bin or would be great for a dust collector but not in the works at this time.

Step 3: Woodworkers Bench Frame

then it was on to the next level, i wanted to make a woodworkers bench to do som sanding,planning, or whatever. 10" height/35"length,/24 width. with coss 2x4 at 12 inches apart

Step 4: Woodworkers Top,

really took a bit to plan this out partly because im so reaserch savy or anal which ever. I was on a site forget pintrest maybe and was looking up sjorbers (not sure if spelled right) woodworkers bench. and stumbled across one i liked and he said to use LVL joist. which i never heard of, But off to home depot or Menards to ask and yet the have it and cut for me too. 4 36" peices of 10"×1 3/4". Brought home and ripped them to 3 1/8 ", planned the sticky sides, glued up 2 big sections, when the dried cleaned up and glued them together.

Step 5: Putting Top on Frame

now i attached the top to the frame after i attached a 2x4 of maple to the sides like a pitchure fram if that makes any sence..... then screwed the maple frame to the 2x4 frame to hold the top down. also seen in the picture is my home made woodworkers vise. the acme rod was from an old car jack found how to do that somewhere like pintrest i think. the 2 peices of pipe on the outside is just conduit pipe i had laying around and the peices i made handel was oak, what the handel goes threw and holds the rod is osage orange for old fence post 60+ years old, and the 2 nobs coveri g the conduit pipes same. I turned them on my lathe.

Step 6: Finish Up

ok here is my final picks. i also drilled some bench dog holes, and made some dogs on the lathe. also pictured are some things i havemade to go with my new toy. the mallets were a fun project. also pictured is a bowl i made on the lathe and just deminstrating the use of the bench dogs.

Step 7: Done

ok the last pic same as the 1st. i should of taking notes as i was building but didnt know i wanted to fo this, but i know i was looking for guidence when i started on this journey so i figured if this can help someone like others have helped me then cool. Sorry for the miss spelling incorrect punctuations,



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    2 years ago

    I just finished up a workbench. I love the great features that your's gives! Where did you get your tail vise?

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    hello and thanks for commenting. i made the tail vise from scratch. a jack "x jack" took apart and used the acme rod and bolt, i can take some pics of how it is attached on the underside if ya want. got the idea off pintrest or you tube, not my original idea, just borrowed and applied to my bench


    Reply 1 year ago

    Could you please post pictures of the underside of your vise? I'd love to see how you have it mounted and how it works.


    2 years ago

    Oh wow! What a great bench! I love everything about it. I especially like the tail vise. I never thought of using a scissor jack screw. Brilliant!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you. i cant take the credit for that idea, but yes worked verry well, sure beats paying the crazy $60 plus for the small wood vice i have seen avalible.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks, jay bates is where i got the mallet idea from. great you tubber. he has a few other types of mallets i might try. check him out if your bored, really good and informative.