Mobile Tomato Shelter / House




Introduction: Mobile Tomato Shelter / House

If you need a movable shelter for your tomato plants and got some spare roof lath, check this out.

Total cost of my house was around 12 EUR.

I hope you get some inspiration, home-grown tomatoes are just the best!

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Step 1: Build Wooden Cage

You can use my draft and adapt to your pallet size (there are different sizes available) and your needs.

The euro-pallet can be fetched for free at most businesses that use them (better ones cost deposit but there are free ones too).

I used some simple steel angles to fix the 4 main posts to the pallet and then 4.5 x 50-80 mm torx screws to fix the parts of the frame to each other. Drill a 2.5-2mm hole before each screw to avoid splitting the wood.

My house needs to be mobile in case space is needed for visitors' cars in our small yard. So I found some spare rollers and fixed them to the palette to be able to move it around.

To conserve against rain you can use some glaze on the wood, I only did that on the palette and lower part of the posts.

Step 2: Fix Canvas

At the hardware store I got some cover for room renovation and got the thickest transparent one available for around 6 EUR. It is made of LDPE, size 4 x 5 m at 40 µm thickness and fit my cage perfectly (small opening at the lower end to allow for airflow.

I yet have to see how it survives the weathering.

Too lazy to round the wooden corners I had to put some tape to protect the canvas. Same around the flat head nails to achieve some kind of rip stop effect and distribute the load in windy conditions.

For the roof I had to merge two leftover sheets and used a kitchen vacuum-welding machine. Tested it on a spare sheet to find the right setting and added 2 welds.

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    2 years ago

    That's a good setup :) We're still working on finishing up our greenhouse.