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Introduction: Mobile Tool Stand With Storage

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a Mobile Tool Stand with Storage. I used my to hold my wood lathe, but you could use it to hold anything from a miter saw to a drill press. The storage you get in this small footprint will help tame your shop and it being mobile allows you to wheel it wherever you need it.

If you want to see a little more detail on the build and download plans, you can head over to my Wood Lathe Stand with Storage post on my site.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Step 2: Build the Cabinet Base

The lathe stand is built using 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood for most of the base and drawers. I started by cutting all the pieces for the base (2 sides, a bottom, center divider, 2 left top supports, 2 right top supports and a back) to size.

I joined the bottom to the sides with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

I cut the top supports for a 19-1/2" drawer section on the left and a 13-1/2" drawer section on the right. I used the supports to position the center divider and attached with pocket screws to the base.

I secured the sides and center dividers together with the top supports, again using pocket screws.

I finished off the cabinet base by attaching the back with 1-1/4" screws around the edge of the cabinet.

Before flipping the cabinet over I added 3" casters to it.

Step 3: Build the Drawers

I cut and assembled 5 drawers for the cabinet. There is a 7" base drawer on the left then three 4" drawers. They are all 19-1/4" wide on the inside and 18" deep on the outside.

On the right side I made another drawer that is 13-1/2" wide and 18" deep.

All the drawers are assembled with pocket hole screws and have a 1/4" bottom floating in a groove.

Step 4: Mount the Drawers and Door

I mounted all the drawers on 18" full extension drawer slides. I used a series of spacers to get the right distance between the drawer slides. You can do the same with a 3-3/8" spacer, 1-1/8" spacer and 3/8" spacer.

I cut drawer fronts for each drawer and a door to go on the open area in the bottom right.

The drawer fronts are attached with 1-1/4" pocket screws from the inside of the drawer.

The continuous grain on the drawer fronts is a great touch I really like!

Step 5: Build the Top

I build the top from two pieces of the 3/4" ply laminated together. I spread glue on the lower piece then added the top piece and weighted it down to dry.

After it was dry I flushed the edges up using a flush trim router bit.

The sides are trimmed out with maple for extra durability. I glued and clamped the trim in place then sanded it flush.

Step 6: Mount the Top and Add Storage

After the top was done I finished everything with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Then I centered and mounted the top and mounted the lathe (my tool of choice) to the stand.

I built a little tool holder that I screwed to the underside of the top to hold my turning tools.

This Mobile Tool Stand has so much storage with the 5 drawers and door. It's a great way to add storage to your shop!

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You can get detailed plans for this build here:



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    11 Discussions

    nice, instead of plywood PVC material last forever, by the way your shop well organize

    I like the duality of drawers and door bay storage, many plans usually only do one or the other, this is a nice flexible design appropriate for a number of shop needs-☺

    1 reply

    This would actually make a great kitchen island (for the lady of the house). It has a lot more storage than the one I purchased! Nice!

    1 reply

    Yeah, this is really a multipurpose cart. I'm just using it as a lathe stand :)

    Hey, cool build! Can you explain how you attached the drawer fronts? I can't imagine where the pocket holes go. Thank you for sharing tthis project!

    1 reply

    Rene, the drawer fronts are a false front, so it's attached through the inside of the drawer. I drilled two 1/4" holes in the front of the drawer then drove the screws through the hole into the false drawer front while it was clamped to the front of the drawer. If you watch the video it will explain it much easier.

    I really like all the storage room you have. I can tell with all your photos how clean and organized your shop is. You don't see that very often

    1 reply

    Absolutely beautiful work and workmanship!!! Just love your extraction set up, as well - extremely well thought out. Wish I had your set up! What do you use to achieve your vaccuum for your extraction gear? Simply excellent!!! Cheers

    1 reply