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Introduction: Mobile Workbench W/ Plywood

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I needed more work space and storage space, so I decided to build a simple mobile workbench that I could roll into my shed when it's not needed. The construction of this bench is very simple, and it has four deep drawers that provide a ton of storage space for different tools.

Step 1: Plywood

So this whole project started because I had some Purebond plywood delivered for another project, and it was packaged in this plywood. Perfectly good 3/4 inch oak and 1/2 inch oak birch plywood, so I was thinking what should I build with this bonus plywood I didn't even know I was getting!

A shop project seemed perfect since I've been wanting to organize some tools and stuff in the carport, so I started with cutting these sheets down to size.

Step 2: The Box

I really liked the idea of a mobile workbench with storage that could live in the shed behind the table saw, and then I could just roll it out when I needed the workspace, so I started with putting together a very simple box. I didn't want to make too big a deal here, so I'm just screwing the box together, and I'm adding some dividers, because one of the main things I really need, is more storage space to store sanders and routers and things like that.

Sometimes it's nice to do a really utilitarian project that you really need. And I put on casters on the bottom, so the whole box can be moved around easily.

Step 3: Drawers

For drawers I'm using the thinner plywood, and again, I'm going for a simple box construction here, screwing them together. Now I've been wanting to move some of the stuff that's been taking up space in the indoor shop outdoors and it's always nice with drawers because then I like how the tools are more protected from dust and you know where everything belongs. Once they were constructed, I made sure they fit inside the shelving unit.

Step 4: Painting & Finishing

To protect the plywood, I'm just painting everything with basic white paint. And this is especially because this work station will essentially be outdoors, so it's nice to protect the wood from moisture.

I'm not using drawer sliders, mainly because I didn't have any on hand, so instead I'm simply sanding the bottoms of the shelves and the drawers smooth, and then I'm waxing both sides quite liberally as well with some of my wax polish. And this just makes it much easier for the drawers to slide in and out, and it actually makes quite a big difference.

Step 5: The Handles

Now for handles, I'm using some maple, I cut a sample handle out, and I'm just tracing that and cutting up three more. I started with using a rasp to smooth them out, but quickly moved on to the sander here to get them less edgy.

Step 6: Attaching to the Drawers

To attach them to the drawers, I'm simply finding the center and marking out where they need to go. At first I was debating whether to bolt the handles in place from the front, but then I figured it will be nicer to go in from the back, and this maple is nice and hard, should be good.

And again, I'm using some of my wax polish, this is the raw linseed oil one, and you can find these in my shop if you're interested. And this is just a really simple and nice finish, adds some color and makes the handles really nice and smooth.

Step 7: Assembling

OK, so now the project is finished! Time to put the drawers in, and you can see on top of the table saw I have some of the tools I'm hoping to store inside the drawers. So I'm keeping the circular saw - all of my sanders. Also the jig saw, router etc..

Step 8: Conclusion - Watch the Video!

For a much better perspective, make sure to watch the video that goes over all the steps!

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    3 years ago

    congratulations for the great work, it looks very reliable and good, but wouldn't do a reinforced Ikea cupboard do the work too? You actually brought me to a good idea, cause I've got the same one in my cellar ☺